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Trauma-Informed Spiritual Intervention™ helps individuals who likely adhere to Christian spirituality and want to explore its intersectionality with their life and mental health. 

This certification program prepares individuals within the psychology workforce and care or coaching industry to provide spiritual care while reducing and repairing spiritual harm. 

Become more equipped to handle the nuances that affect clients who want more faith-integrated holistic care and invite safe discussions about God, healing, and deliverance through Jesus.

While self-paced, be advised that certifications are issued 3 times a year.

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Empower yourself as a self-directed professional by initiating the cognitive integration of faith and spiritual intervention. Order Safe and Sound Workbook and Manual to begin.

For hands-on training and deeper insights, Trauma-Informed Spiritual Intervention™ is a self-paced program that begins January 13, 2024*.

Curriculum Details Below

Course curriculum

    1. Syllabus, Schedule and Certification

    2. Accessing Your Content: Tutorial

    1. Module 1: Spiritual Intervention Text

    2. Session 1 Slides

    3. Video: Military Doctrine

    4. Quiz 1: Doctrinal Warfare

    5. Supplemental Resource: Doctrinal War

    1. Scheduling Applied Training

    2. Session 1

    3. Session 2

    4. Session 3

    5. Session 4

    6. Session 5 (Optional)

    1. Disclaimer: Evangelism

    2. Session 2: Pre-work

    3. Session 2: Spiritual Safety (Recording)

    4. Module 2: Spiritual Safety Text

    5. Quiz 2: Beliefs

    1. Session 3: Pre-work

    2. Module 3: Trauma-Informed Care Text

    3. Session 3: Trauma-Informed Care (Live)

    4. Spiritual Gifts Assessment

    5. Session 3: Assignment 1

    1. Session 4: Identity (Live)

    2. Session 4: Assignment 2

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  • 27 lessons
  • 0.5 hours of video content

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